Fascinated by the fact
That the flame of a burning candle
Casts no shadow,
I begin to wonder
If we, too, are meant
To be living flames.

If so, then how do we
Rid ourselves of our shadow selves?
Watching the candle longer
I see that the wax sides
Must be burned away
So, in fact, the flame can arise.

What are the wax sides
In me that prevent
The flame from appearing?

Self-knowledge, according to St. Teresa of Avila,
Leads to humility
Which leads to an understanding
Of God’s love for me,
His creation.

I will allow the wax of my false self
To slowly burn,
Until only the flame remains
And then it, too, will disappear
Into Greater Self
That has no shadow, no wax,
Is Pure Light:
Resurrection, Easter joy!

Dianne Schlichting